The NCAPAN Memorial Scholarships
Each year, in keeping with the Mission of the North Carolina Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses, memorial scholarships will be awarded to members of NCAPAN to help fund:

  • CPAN/CAPA Certification exam fee
  • CPAN/CAPA Re-certification fee
  • Advanced degree BSN/MSN
  • NCAPAN conference
  • ASPAN conference/seminar workshop


  • A recipient must wait 3 years before eligible for another scholarship.


CRITERIA FOR   Consideration

  • Submission of a Memorial Scholarship Application
  • Active ASPAN/NCAPAN membership for at least 2 years as verified by your district president on the application.
  • ASPAN/NCAPAN membership for at least one (1) year for CPAN/CAPA Certification or Re-certification
  • Active employment in some aspect of PeriAnesthesia Nursing as verified by your nurse manager on the Memorial Scholarship Application
  • Submission of a copy of offering registration form
  • Submission of professional/community activities information with Memorial Scholarship Application.



  • Recipients of a Memorial Scholarship musts wait for a period of three (3) years before applying for another scholarship.
  • Scholarship funds may be used for funding registration, transportation, and housing only. If funding is also provided through another source, the scholarship amount will be limited to the balance unpaid by the other source.
  • All Scholarships may not be awarded in every year.
  • All decisions of the Memorial Scholarship Committee are final.



  • Monies will be disbursed by the NCAPAN Treasurer upon receipt of required documentation and approval by the NCAPAN Memorial Scholarship Committee.



  • Applications for Memorial Scholarships will be accepted at any time.


Print APPLICATION and mail with professional/community activities information to:

Donna Hutson, Director of Education
504 Wheeling Circle
Durham, NC 27713

For Questions or Assistance please contact Donna Hutson at