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The American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses

The American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) is the professional specialty nursing organization representing the interests of more than 49,000 nurses practicing in all phases of preanesthesia and postanesthesia care, ambulatory surgery, and pain management.

ASPAN Standards

ASPAN Component Societies:


Arizona Perianesthesia Nurses’ Association:

AzPANA is a Component Member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses and a member of the Arizona Nursing Network.


Chesapeake Bay Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

CBSPAN’s mission is to promote quality and cost effective care for patients, their families and the community through public and professional education, research, and standards of practice. CBSPAN, founded in 1982, is a component of ASPAN serving Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.


Connecticut Society of Perianesthesia Nurses:

CSPAN exists as a component of ASPAN (the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses) to advance nursing practice through education, research and standards.


Florida Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

FLASPAN’s mission is to provide education and to promote the professional knowledge, competence, and growth of nurses working in all phases of pre and postanesthesia care, thereby enhancing the care rendered to people undergoing anesthesia and/or surgery in hospitals and ambulatory care settings.


Illinois Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

ILSPAN, founded in 1976, is a component society of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) serving perianesthesia nurses in Illinois and eastern Missouri.


Hawaiian Islands PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

We seek to provide the PeriAnesthesia nursing community with the educational and professional resources necessary to promote the highest standards of care for Hawaii.


Indiana Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

INSPAN exists to promote quality and cost effective care for patients, their families, and the community, through public and professional education, research and standards of practice.

maspan Massachusetts Society of PeriAnesthesia NursesMASPAN’s mission is to advance nursing practice through education, research, and the promotion of ASPAN’s standards, and is committed to serving the perianesthesia nurse.

Michigan Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

MAPAN, founded in 1976, has a mission to promote high standards in Perianesthesia nursing,  to provide progressive educational opportunities, and to increase community and professional awareness of our specialty.


Minnesota – Dakota Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

MNDAKSPAN serves to promote the education and professional growth of nurses practicing in perianesthesia areas such as ambulatory surgery, pre-anesthesia, and post-anesthesia care

mokanpana Missouri Kansas Perianesthesia Nurses Association:MO KAN PANA exists to promote quality and cost effective care for patients undergoing all types of anesthesia in all settings, their families and the community, through public and professional education, research and standards of practice.

Nevada PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association:

NevPANA is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses


New York State PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association:

NYSPANA is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.


Northwest PeriAnesthesia Nurses’ Association:

NPANA is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.


PeriAnesthesia Nurses Association of California:

PANAC is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.

papan In the late seventies, the nurses of the Recovery Room were aware of the need for education regarding new anesthetic agents, technology and new surgical procedures.  Same day surgery was on the horizon. The momentum grew as they formed groups with area hospitals and in 1983, the groups united and drew up a charter to become the Pennsylvania Association of PeriAnesthesia  Nurses (PAPAN)
scpan South Carolina Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses SCAPAN
uspan Utah Society of PeriAnesthesia NursesUSPAN is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia NursesUSPAN Mission:

  • To provide its members with a resource for perianesthesia education and knowledge through bi-annual conferences.
  • To be an influential force for local perianesthesia safety and practice standards.
  • To encourage local RNs to become nationally certified CPAN (Certified Post Anesthesia Nurse) and/or CAPA (Certified Ambulatory PeriAnesthesia Nurse)

Texas Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses:

TAPAN is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.


Virginia Society of PeriAnesthia Nurses:

VSPAN The Society exists to promote quality care for patients and their families by encouraging professional education, development of standards, research, certification, and specialization in all phases of perianesthesia nursing and by providing a forum for exchange of ideas between health care providers involved in perianesthesia care.


Wisconsin PeriAnesthesia Nurses Society:

WISPAN is a component member of the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses.

Nursing Organizations:


The American Academy of Pain Management

The American Academy of Pain Management is the largest Pain Organization in the United States. Academy Membership is 6,000 strong and growing. The Academy provides credentialing, accreditation of facilities, networking opportunities, continuing education, quality publications and an annual clinical meeting.


American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA):

Member, professional, and patient resources.


American Nurses Association (ANA):

Quality health care for all people is assured by protecting and enhancing professional nursing practice in all environments.

asa American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA): Educational, research and scientific association of physicians.
asra American Society of Regional Anesthesia (ASRA): This site contains information, excerpts from the Newsletter, schedules of upcoming meetings, and fellowships in pain management.
anestcadiz Anestcadiz is a European website based in Spain that caters to nursing and medical professionals that specialize in anesthesia, intensive care, and pain management
apsf Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) :The mission of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation is to ensure that no patient shall be harmed by anesthesia, and the purposes of APSF are to: foster investigations that will provide a better understanding of preventable anesthetic injuries; encourage programs that will reduce the number of anesthetic injuries; and promote national and international communication of information and ideas about the causes and prevention of anesthetic morbidity and mortality.
aorn Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN): is the professional organization of perioperative registered nurses whose mission is to promote quality patient care by providing its members with education, standards, services, and representation.
cbhna Consortium of Behavioral Health Nurses & Associates, Inc. Reflects the 21st century practice settings and patients encountered by nurses, especially where chemical dependency and other addictions are involved.
nursing_advocacy The Center for Nursing Advocacy seeks to increase public understanding of the central, front-line role nurses play in modern health care. The focus of the Center is to promote more accurate, balanced and frequent media portrayals of nurses and increase the media’s use of nurses as expert sources.
ddna Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association prides itself on advocating, educating, and celebrating the unique and specialized role of the nurses who serve people with developmental disabilities.
samba Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia: For patients and professionals involved with office-based, free-standing and hospital-based ambulatory anesthesia.

Nursing Service/Education:

abpanc American Board of Perianesthesia Nursing Certification, Inc.: Certification and recertification information for perianesthesia nurses.
ahrq Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)strives to improve the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for ALL Americans use.AHRQ has a new service to help keep you informed of the Agency’s latest health care research findings, news, and information. It’s Healthcare 411—a weekly audio newscast that features synopses of the latest AHRQ findings and information on current health care topics. Go to to hear the newscasts through your computer or download them to a portable digital player such as an iPod®.
American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA): offering support and information  for people with chronic pain
anesth_resource Anesthesia information at your fingertipsBest Practice Network:A collaborative effort to promote sharing of best practices and creative solutions among healthcare practitioners. Participate in the interactive sections, review sample best practices, submit your own, browse the bookstore or read the current news and editorials. Become

part of the new spirit of innovation that is arising in healthcare.

_am_nurse_logo Center for American Nurses www.centerforamericannurses.orgThe Center offers workforce advocacy tools, services and strategies designed to make nurses their own best advocates in their practice environments.
GeroNurseOnline is a comprehensive website providing current best practice information on care of older adults.Please click banner below to visit geronurse online.
Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing: seeks to shape the quality of the health care that elderly Americans receive by promoting the highest level of competency in the nurses who deliver that care. Provides annual Hartford/NOLF Award For exceptional effort in bringing geriatric nursing best practices to specialty nurses (click link for awards on their website).
natstand “NS is an international research collaboration that publishes unbiased reviews of the scientific evidence behind the safety and effectiveness of alternative therapies, herbs and supplements. Subscriptions to their database are available on-line for professionals and consumers. Enter ASPAN discount code while subscribing to on-line to obtain a 20% membership discount”
med_errors A service used to report errors and process issues.
mhaus Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States:MHAUS is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing morbidity and mortality of MH by 1) improving medical care related to MH, 2) providing support information for patients and 3) improving the scientific understanding and research related to MH and other kinds of heat-related syndromes.  Services include a 24/7 hotline, Web site, procedure manuals (hospital, ambulatory and office surgery versions), accredited programs, in-service video, newsletter, literature.
MedlinePlus A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health
National Council of State Boards of Nursing:  link to their listing of state boards of nursing with contact information and websites
nbna_logo National Black Nurses Association, Inc. www.nbna.orgThe mission of the National Black Nurses Association is to provide a forum for collective action by African American nurses to “investigate, define and determine what the health care needs of African Americans are and to implement change to make available to African Americans and other minorities health care commensurate with that of the larger society.”
inr The National Institute of Nursing Research: supports clinical and basic research to establish a scientific basis for the care of individuals across the life span-from management of patients during illness and recovery to the reduction of risks for disease and disability
Nursing Excellence
alliance The Nursing Organizations Alliance™ is a coalition of nursing organizations united to create a strong voice for nurses.  Membership in The Alliance is open to any nursing organization whose focus is to address current and emerging nursing and health care issues.
pain ACPA Mission To facilitate peer support and education for individuals with chronic pain and their families so that these individuals may live more fully in spite of their pain. To raise awareness among the health care community, policy makers, and the public at large about issues of living with chronic pain
pubmed A service of the National Library of Medicine, includes over 15 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950’s. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.
tobacco_free Tobacco Free Nurses   www.tobaccofreenurses.orgTobacco Free Nurses is the first national program focused on helping nurses and student nurses to stop smoking.